I suppose only one Lorraine was converted this way. REVERSEGUN,75-MM M1897, FRENCH. This 1897 gun could be a decent secondary option for the Holt 75. The 37-mm gun, M1916, is a flat trajectory weapon of the field-gun type which fires high- explosive shells or low-explosive shells that weigh slightly more than a pound. A number of these weapons were purchased by the United States. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Canon de 75 modèle 1897 is similar to these weapons: Artillery, List of field guns, 75 mm Gun M1916 and more. (3/30/01) Price 30.00 {Item No.8036-1} No.43 French 75-mm Gun M1897; [The "French 75" of WWI Fame] 19 … Canon de 75 modèle 1897. $20.00. A maximum rate of fire of 25 to 18 rounds per minute may be attained, but the advisable rate is 6 rounds. The 75 mm Gun M1916 was a type of field gun used in the mirror universe on Earth in World War I. Service of the Piece 75-MM Gun, M1916 and M1916A1, Horse-Drawn and Truck Drawn: Jan 1941. Figure 1.1 A 1904 German Krupp 75 mm field gun looking over Cairo, atop the city’s famous Citadel (source: Dubai Post). b. … They were designated the Ordnance, Q.F., 75-mm., "S", Marks II and II* on carriages, 75-mm., "S", Marks II and III, P.A. FM 23-90 BFM, 81-mm Mortar, M1. Pages: 46. In the rush, there was insufficient time to develop and test a new design, so plans were made to use a field gun that was already in production, mounting it on a truck body. 75-MM GUN M1897, U.S. ARMY. The 75 gun was composed of a forged steel tube weighting 460 kg, assembled on a mounting. FM 6-60 Field Artillery Field Manual Service of The Piece 75-MM Gun, M1916 … (3/23/01) Price 55.00 {Item No.8035-1} No.36 British 18-pounder/ US 75-mm Gun M1917; 6 References, 261 pages, 112 illus. gun as an all purpose weapon and noted in 1939-40 that the M2 105-mm. Yards 75-MMGUNS