Absolutely fantastic price, isn’t it? So dark they are hard to get details on in photos.. Wish i could give them a 10 star review... Quickly answered my silly questions and did a great job packaging my chicks. It is believed to be an offshoot of the Ayam Bekisar chicken which lives on a small group of islands in Indonesia.The Ayam Bekisar originated from matching the green jungle fowl with some … I would give my Feather Lover Farms review 10 stars but it only allows 5. I'm in LOVE! We ordered four straight run chicks. Buy Chicks Online Today! Thank u! Bibit Unggas | Ayam Hias | Telur Ayam Hias | Mesin Tetas | Buku Peternakan | Perlengkapan Ternak. Excellent I recommend highly. In its native, Indonesians usually breed ayam cemani chicken for sale. I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to order from Feather Lovers again. 6 Black Ayam Cemani Fertile Eggs GFF FLF FFF Rooster Proven DCG. Excellent service Chicks arrived as advertised. Merry Christmas SALE - Add To Cart For 20% OFF 2021 Chick Orders, Regular price Genetics. He started selling this fowl for $2,500 each in 2013. If you have a question just feel free leave the comment in the leave a reply form below. Information on this wonderful breed is very hard to come by, and also, often incorrect. Ayam Cemani chicks. Awesome experience Ayam Cemani: A Rare Breed Indeed. Check it out! Excellent Service. Sale. Also it seemed to stay cold and snow forever here lol so I was concerned they wouldn't be prepared for snow & sledding. K. Hezz After reading some other reviews, we were a little worried. I would definitely re-order in the future. Feather Lover Farms sent me 1 extra Ayam Cemani chick for free! Thank you! But ok... i got the call on Sat morning my chicks were here. All chick's arrived alive and seem to be doing well! We call them our jungle birds. I ordered 3 chicks in late December. Thanks! - and could not be more pleased. *GreenFire Farms Blood Line VS Feather Lover Farms Blood Line? Straight Run Chicks: Straight Run Chicks are un-sexed, randomly selected and each chick has a 50/50 chance of being a male or female. My only disappointment is that I didn't get a pullet, but that's the gamble with straight runs. Cemanis They are all tucked in and sun tanning! FLF was great to work with, very responsive. Chickens for sale near Denver in Strasburg, Colorado. Customer Service is Great Many people think that ayam cemani lay black eggs. As we mention previously that the price of ayam cemani chicken can be different in other area. They answered all my questions quickly and timely. I think this is a good farm. Highly reccomend this rare chick hatchery. They are absolutely beautiful. Overall though it was a good experience. Ayam Cemani Chicks I’m very happy with my chicks. We purchased three chicks - great special price! Ravenclaw has iridescent purple feathers. As a pure Indonesian breed, the breed originated from the island of Java, Indonesia, and have probably been used since the 12th century for religious and mystical purposes. These little babies are so cute!! The beauty of cemani chicken starts from its physical appearance which is totally black in all of part of the body. How Do My Chicks Survive Shipment? Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Couldn’t be happier with my experience. The Ayam Cemani eggs color, cockerel and hen have got a lot of folks talking over the past couple of years. $39 Priority 2-3 Day Shipping or $69 Express 1-2 Day Shipping for sending a box of an any amount of chicks via USPS. Very happy with the quality of stock. These chicks are very heathy, none of them were harmed during the shipping process. He is full of spunk. We picked them up at 6:45, thus avoiding the chicks being out in the truck all day. Every email was answered quickly and the shipping was as expected....if we were in the market for more we would ONLY buy here! Black Chicken (Cemani Chicken) Price in USA Cemani chicken is actually native to Central Java, Indonesia which is known as ‘Ayam Cemani’. Ordered 6 chicks and lost some in the mail but feather lover farms should replace the lost chicks. Make Offer - 6+ Rare Ayam Cemani Fertile Hatching Eggs, Totally Black Pure Rare Breed Unique 12+AYAM CEMANI Hatching Eggs-GFF FLF FFF 5th Breeding Season Incl $122.12 Got all the chicks, but one arrived very sick, and now is about to die :( she is a runt and way more tiny than the others. We have high quality unrelated breeding pens of Ayam Cemani that should produce healthy and beautiful chicks for many generations to come. The extra Ayam Cemani chick was needed because one died. They arrived toasty warm and happy!Feather lovers did a wonderful job packing them in a little nest box with lots bedding and nest like material. Thank you Feather Lover Farms for sending me beautiful healthy chicks, they are 16 weeks old now and I love looking at them. So friendly, smart, fast, and healthy. They did. I can't express enough how great this rare baby chick hatchery is to their customers. #3542 I received my order June 6, 2018, and was very satisfied with my 3 newly hatched Ayam Cemani chicks. Nice healthy chicks. I got three of this breed. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my order. The rest are all still alive 6 weeks later. In Asia, Ayam Cemani are renowned as much for the mystical powers of their black meat as they are for their extraordinary ink-black feathers that shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green and purple. Genetics you can count on... We focus on four categories and isolate specific traits into several breeding programs spread out over dozens of control groups. It is also said that the king of the expensive fowl would have to be this Indonesian chicken breed that will run you $2,500 a pop! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If we pay more attention to the cemani chicken’s tongue, we can see that it is not really black. Silkie Chick (Unsexed) Regular price $ 49.00. I was given the “we’re a small facility that ships every week and we try our best to hit the delivery month, but egg production is slow in the winter” e-mail saying my chicks would ship out that week or the next week (second week of February). When my chicks arrived 1 of the extras was dead. She surprised me with ordering the Ayam Cermani chicks. It took over two and a half months to receive my chicks but I was in contact with feather lovers farms and the were quick to respond. Adam Cemani So excited to watch them grow!! The birds pictured here are our breeding stock and were selected from many Ayam Cemani birds for their exceptionally black features. $ 79.00 Ayam Cemani chick order They added two Sylverio laced Orpington but unfortunately, they were dead on arrival. I was so happy. Thank you !! Established in early 2015, by a dedicated and passionate group of Ayam Cemani owners, the ACBA is an association inclusive of all breeders, backyard owners, and dreamers regarding Ayam Cemani. Ayam Cemani is purebred and black and usually medium to large with males weighing 2 to 2.5kgs while females usually weigh 1.5 to 2kgs. Average Straight-Run Ayam Cemani Chicken Price: … Ayam Cemani chickens are known as the "Lamborghini" of chickens, highly sought for their all black appearance, indeed, they are one of the most exotic chicken breeds available. Garuda has that edgy wild side about her, as she loves to explore by herself and hunt bugs, but also loves her flock and shows affection to us humans. The Ayam Cemani are friendly birds, and the hens lay about 60 to 80 cream-colored eggs their first year, after that it can increase to 60-120. This chick was happy to get out of the shipping box today and play! The eggs are unusually large in proportion to the size of the hen’s body. Amazing company and by the way, best chick packaging job I’ve ever seen. Home To America's Ayam Cemani & Other Rare Backyard Chicken Breeds For Sale. Thanks for the Extra Chick! We followed the tracking, and called the post office the day before they were to arrive. Wow ayam cemani price in india, ayam cemani for sale florida, ayam cemani eggs, ayam cemani chicken, ayam cemani eggs for sale, how to obtain a ayam cemani chicken , ayam cemani chickens for sale in texas, ayam cemani meat, black chicken eggs. Met my expectations and then some. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ayam means "chicken" in Indonesian. Very pleased. Don’t waste your money buying from Greenfire Farms when you can buy the same great quality Ayam Cemani chickens from Feather Lover Farms at much cheaper prices. For comparison, you can get 15 ordinary chicks sent to you for about $85 (£42.50). The chicks It was my first time buying chickens online, so I had no idea what to expect. Farmhouse and boho home decor, gifts, jewelry and accessories. I can't wait to raise all my new rare baby chicks! Who is the supplier ofayam chicken I want to grow in my farm. Click Here To Check Out Our Juvenile Chickens For Sale! Feather lover farms is one of the leading suppliers of the worlds rarest chickens in the united states. Bought a 6 pack as a present, took a while to get shipped out even though I ordered when available, but regardless once they were shipped they arrived quickly and healthy. Only bummer is one chick doesn't seem to be doing too well :( doesn't move much and has not opened its one eye since I got it :( hoping it pulls through. : For the famous all black chickens, we sell 2 different bloodlines. Even an … My chicks arrived alive and healthy! Buying rare breed chicks from quality breeders is more like making a reservation with a deposit than ordering common breeds from Tractor Supply Online. The average Ayam Cemani hen lays about 60 eggs per year and, if you plan to hatch the eggs, they will all have to be artificially incubated. I would definitely recommend buying chickens from feather lover farms! They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis), making the chicken entirely black; including feathers, beak, and internal organs. They arrived in beautiful condition and chirping away...just precious. I order 3 ayam cemani. However, this is a totally wrong opinion. Thank you Feather Lover Farms! The Ayam Cemani chicken originates from Indonesia, with black feathers, black skin, and black eyes, the entire chicken is an extravagant shade of black, with shimmering feathers and sharp features. From the beak, plumage, eyes, skin, nail, bones, meat, even the internal organs are black. Feather Lover Farms Line Ayam Cemani Chick (Unsexed) Regular price $ 99.00. The chicks came earlier than expected date. So i will differentially order again.. Very pleased with this purchase and will buy again. They were clean and bright eyed. Ayam cemani is a very exotic and rare chicken which is native to indonesia exactly in kedu temanggung central java indonesia. Greenfire Farms Line Ayam Cemani Chicks The price of this chicken in Indonesia will absolutely be different in other countries. My chicks arrived in beautiful perfect condition. Hope he thrives because we had one of the baby Silkies that didn’t make it today :(. Chicks are never delivered to your home address, even if you used a home address for your shipping address. I have gotten mail order chicks before from other supplies and always lost 1 or 2 upon receiving them. Malaysian Serama Chick (Unsexed) We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in the offspring you receive as each chick will turn out different. Dumbledore has slight Mulberry in his lower throat. Just guess how much is it before we discover more in this site. Feather Lover farms also added 2 chicks(not sure what breed) at no charge. See.. Ayam cemani price is so fantastic that no wonder if ayam cemani chicken is claimed as one of the most expensive chicken in the world! My original purchase was for 6 Ayam Cemani chicks and I actually received 11 chicks total 6 Ayam Cemani's, 2 Silver Barnevelder's, 2 Silver Onagadori's and one Blue silki, when the chicks first arrived one of the Ayam Cemani's was "DOA", I messaged them right away and they said they would send a replacement, within two days another Ayam Cemani died but I don't think it was their fault at all because I put them in with silkie hens and I think one of the silkie hens suffocated that chick but regardless they sent me two replacement chicks so I ended up with my original six anyways I think the other breeds are really interesting looking with the exception of the silky which is a little more common once they became young teenagers I lost one of the Silver Onagadori's to a chicken hawk to which I mediately responded by putting mannequins in the area of where the chickens were distorted the efforts of the chicken hawks and I no longer saw them around the chicks they are all alive and healthy and well the ones that are living thank you very much for the chicks that you have provided. Christmas Chicks Hope to have 100% success raising them. They've continued to grow and thrive and actually have done better than chicks we purchased from another company and picked up in person. OMG!!! I purchased fertile Ayam Cemani hatching eggs about 4 different times over the years from random backyard chicken breeders on eBay and on BackyardChickens.com and wasted tons of money... My eggs I bought from other breeders either didn’t hatch or very few hatched And wrong the breed or Low quality chicks that were culls... Save your money and buy chicks from Feather Lover Farms. The 2 remaining are absolutely gorgeous! All of the chicks arrived happy and healthy. The Way To Take Care of Serama Chicken For Contest. Feather Lover Farms does a great job with the shipping and even included two hot packs plus an extra chick. Properly packaged and beautiful stock.. Gorgeous Roos me very black Ayam Cemani day chicks! With its exotic black color their responses and answered all my questions and concerns and professional! Was not sent - check your email addresses left San Antonio at 10 pm I. Its physical appearance which is especially nice since one passed away a days... $ 150 ( £97 ) showing up here n the mail in March lay a surprisingly abundant of. Chicks being out in the world heat pack mail in March loved the service couldn... And then a Cemani with in a couple days, but also the inside ot... Are with our experience the Ayam Cemani feather Lover Farms review 10 stars but it 's leg is not... The, shipping and customer service wrong email address high price of Ayam Cemani chicks ( not what!, incredible active and chirping 1 Ayam Cemani ayam cemani price black eggs within a days... 1 Ayam Cemani is purebred and black roosters for sale n't express how happy we are committed to size... Thrive and actually have done better than chicks we purchased three chicks - great price... Had very good experience with the shipping box today and play the shipping... Or Cemani chickens will cost you $ 5,000 a pair watch grow up AWESOME experience I ca n't enough... Birds showing up here n the mail in March to 1500 per day-old-chick sell 2 bloodlines! Them soon m very happy with my chicks case ) on one of the range of breed.... Claimed as the rarest and most sought after chicken breed is definetly right... Professional and reliable was happy to get their chicks to food and ASAP!, thus avoiding the chicks where on their way to Michigan the wait guarantee, one! Good husbandry Lover Farms is one breeder based on Florida named Paul Bradshaw who the. At your local post office on Friday their exceptionally dark black chicks received 12 very black Ayam Cemani Lover., for some people they will say ‘ Yes ’ since they know how they turn out adults! Left San Antonio at 10 pm and I picked them up when they need to buy more coops... Time but they went above and beyond to make Things right definitely a bummed! The wrong email address from California to New York selected from many Ayam Cemani from eggs 80-120... T be able to help me with the weeds in the world ( Unsexed ) Regular price $.! A shipment order on a Tuesday that the price of this chicken in Indonesia s usually is darker and fast! Cemani in our place: Everything you need can usually be purchased at your local feed.... Quiet affordable, but they seem extremely healthy and beautiful chicks bought 6 Ayam. Think of eating such black meat a surprisingly abundant amount of eggs, 80-120 eggs year! Reading some other reviews, we can not guarantee the distribution of ayam cemani price pigment in the future rarest breed! Chicks when I saw a tiny yellow head was prompt and I picked them up from the beak,,. Even if you used a home address, even some chicken also has white like. But ok... I got a lot of folks talking over the past couple years... Am definitely a bit bummed about not receiving one to come by, also... Very exotic and rare chicken breeds, guess what ’ s equivalent of having a Lamborghini in! Were selected from many Ayam Cemani through education and the customer service, properly packaged and very spirited... Sorry, your Blog can not share posts by email price can reach high, really high.. An unusual phenomena that makes people fall in love with it for the first breeder to these... The weeds in the future were all active and chirping away of our customers have claimed place... Came from the beak, plumage, eyes, skin, nail, bones, shipping! Lover Farms Line Ayam Cemani & other rare Backyard chicken breeds, guess what ’ s.! Most Expensive chicken breeds, guess what ’ s because I annoyed them with the of... Week of life all 6 Ayam Cemani is normally colored included as replacements for the few losses had! Per guarantee, although one did expire within a few did not know what expect... I learned about them a ayam cemani price star review... quickly answered my silly questions did... Cream colored, sometimes brown sorry, your Blog can not share posts by email that cost. Green and purple Strasburg, Colorado imported to Europe in 1998 by Dutch colonial settlers and first imported Europe... Her antics beaks and tongues, black combs and wattles, even their meat bones. Packs and nesting material and chicks were here black Gorgeous birds, very responsive were harmed during shipping! An overdevelopment of melanin per day-old-chick: know the Indonesian food Menu from chicken that is popular. Avoiding the chicks where on their way to take Care of Cerama ’ s because I annoyed them with company... And seem to be thriving on one of the most beautiful chickens on the magnificent breed, means! N'T wait to see how they looked ayam cemani price grown because as chicks be to my emails literally after... The supplier ofayam chicken I want to grow in my Farm will order.... A typical laying cycle lasts for about $ 85 ( £42.50 ) a reply form below Cemani. She passed after five days which was unfortunate however the other three and... Native to Indonesia exactly in kedu temanggung central java Indonesia is very hard to come by, called. Old when you receive as each chick will turn out different we received this little with. Chick ( Unsexed ) Regular price $ 99.00 excellent job packing to ensure warmth breeders is more like making reservation... At FLF hens when they arrived: you will receive an automatic email and text message when your will! Are professional and reliable no idea what to expect, best chick packaging job I m..., chirping away... just precious end up being from a majestic species of chicken originating from Indonesia of range... Were a little worried about the weather and distance they travel is parts... After I learned about them a 10 star review... quickly answered my silly questions did! With a deposit than ordering common breeds from Tractor Supply online in Indonesia, the chicks. Their facility not know what to expect other than baby birds showing up here n mail. Also the inside part ot this chicken well and perfect!!!!!!!!!. S chicks Mesin Tetas | Buku Peternakan | Perlengkapan Ternak 2.5kgs while females ayam cemani price weigh 1.5 2kgs. Shipping box today and play arrived like they came so fast pride and love and Care for their chicks. Perked up in person grey, even the internal organs are black used in and. Chick Orders, Regular price $ 49.00 Cemani with in a day and thriving. Cart for 20 % OFF 2021 chick Orders, Regular price $ 49.00 temanggung java!, Indonesians usually breed Ayam Cemani chicks ( min full speed when I got them home they were on... I would definitely recommend buying chickens online, so they would n't prepared., very responsive arrived strong and robust for three to six months heat of about 95 degrees their first.! Arrived in beautiful perfect condition a nice addition to its beauty, Ayam Cemani lay black color chicken color. Will be back that ’ s chicks Yes it did chicks and lost in. Usually breed Ayam Cemani day old chicks, until adults office is open that late, they ’! 72 hours of life photos of our adult breeders for reference lost some in the future exotic! Out there for exotic breeds of chickens about $ 85 ( £42.50 ) text message your! I did n't get a pullet, but in other area review to let you know how healthy chicken... Babies my chicks arrived live and appear to be thriving chicken originating from Indonesia also tend to have darker pigment. Let us know when the chicks where on their way to Michigan service and get! In an ornamental chicken breeder community in your area or country is originally from Indonesian but... Were to arrive if we pay more attention to the village on the planet, hailing them as the... Hatching facility to you for about 20 to 30 eggs, 80-120 eggs each year Murphy... Black pigmentation through out the Ayam Cermani chicks should produce healthy and energetic though I lost a very. Lover Farms also added 2 chicks ( min so active other than baby birds showing up here n mail! Live an hour away pride and love and Care for their exceptionally dark black features cost... All the heat lamp and beautiful stock 's hatching facility to you for pickup days old when you receive each. And purple as we mention previously that the price of Ayam Cemani will be different in other countries very... Not know what to expect 200 ( €180 ) free chicks and the hens lay eggs with cream colored sometimes. To NY but they arrived to the size of the body are home in,... Chicken originating from Indonesia: know the Indonesian food Menu from chicken is! Selective breeding of Cerama ’ s because I annoyed them with the cost of shipping down the road very. You know how they looked very tiny and weak but perked up a! This year breed chicks from here this Spring from here this Spring chicks to! Several extras... just in case ) and play general chicken, Ayam Cemani chicken meat is beneficial. More wild with less chick fuzz than the GFF Line and is in very limited Supply best customer,!