But Marfa was where I spent the majority of my time in West Texas. #marfarockshop #moonlightgemstonesmarfa #silverjewelry #marfa, A post shared by Moonlight Gemstones (@marfarockshop) on Jun 3, 2020 at 10:14am PDT. Then join the best Argentina Travel Tips Group on Facebook to get first hand advice from me along with fellow travelers, tour guides, expats and locals in Argentina. Most restaurants and attractions are closed during the rest of the week (sadly, I know this from experience since we visited on a Tuesday). There are a number of artists who have their art permanently displayed here along with Judd’s pieces. If you are visiting Marfa in next few days these are the perfect itineraries for you. These are the most viewed and most customized itineraries for Marfa, choose one to make the best out of your 1 day in Marfa. The Coolest Pair. For a West Texas fine dining experience make dinner reservations Cochineal downtown. Bring a drink to enjoy as you sit and wait. But I know we’ll be back eventually, as it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from one of our new found favorite places in the world: Big Bend National Park. So....I'm trying to decide for our one day in BB. For example: One day excursion from Marfa to the south – Pinto Canyon by FM 2810. The name itself evokes intrigue, mystery, misconception, and debate. You’ll find high quality, curated ingredients and food stuffs. 7.8 Good Check Availability. Pack layers. The Prada Marfa building is actually located in Valentine, Texas. On my first visit to Marfa in the summer of 2014, I had a week to burn — obviously too long a visit for a town that’s only 1.6 square miles. The small town of about 2,000 residents has achieved almost mythic status in the past five years thanks to an influx of art institutions, stores, and … During Luke and my road trip this spring we got the chance to spend a day and night in Marfa. The Get Go was our saving grace when wandering on a hot summer afternoon when most shops had shut their doors for an impromptu siesta. Talking in hushed tones while looking at the horizon for the mystery lights and stargazing at the Milky Way overhead were experiences I will never forget. This post is a complete guide on visiting with all the best things to do in Marfa. You’re in the middle of nowhere, so of course, cell service is spotty. If you are interested in exploring the quirkiness of Marfa, Texas for more than one day, below are a few hotel suggestions. We even gave you a second chance, but you disappointed us. It was more than half the price and equally cool. They appear sporadically in the distance and range in color, reportedly sometimes white, red, or blue. Ah, Marfa, Texas. You can visit his permanently installed working and living spaces in downtown Marfa. There are a lot of quirky vacation homes in Marfa, find yours here. All Marfa. As Marfa went from a quiet water stop in Far West Texas to a bustling tourist town, Mando’s, it seemed, was a constant. Quick note: This post contains affiliate links to products & services. Explore these recently created itineraries which include latest attractions, trending hotels & experiences by visitors. There is so much to see in this region of Texas. Hotel Paisano This is where Giant starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson was filmed. Prada Marfa. Visit the courthouse downtown and climb to the top of the cuppola for a panoramic view of Marfa and the surrounding countryside. Check out reviews on Trip Advisor. Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean called Hotel Paisano home in 1955 while filming their famed film Giant. Terlingua Ghost Town: This tiny ghost town is the gateway to Big Bend. It’s home to modern art galleries, unexplained mystery lights, art exhibits in the desert, and unexpectedly gourmet food. I recommend downloading a map and anything you need (podcasts, shows, etc) before you leave home just in case. Their hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from March 1 through Labor Day, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from the Tuesday after Labor Day through the end of February. I was surprised at how incredible the art and food scene is for such a small place. Regardless of what you’ve read or heard about this tiny Far West Texas town of fewer than 2,000 citizens, there remains a special, often indefinable quality that inspires, expands, and explores creativity. Reserve your tickets online here ahead of time as space is limited. Spend some time in the park, as stated earlier it will be crazy hot, but if you drive into the Chisos Basin it will be cooler. Looking for the best advice on where to go and what to do? Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Center on Highway 90, 9 miles outside of town in the direction of Alpine. On weekends, there’s a bit more people and activity—dogs running around, live music, etc. Moonlight Gemstones specializes in West Texas agate and Graybeal has been collecting them since 1985. Stop by almost any time and you might find Mark and Liz working in the kitchen in hairnets and aprons together. Stay for at least two nights, ideally three. But, look, we're comi Photo by Martin Robles on Unsplash. Source: Yelp. To deter thieves all of the purses inside are bottomless and the shoes are all for left feet. Ballroom Marfa is a dancehall turned contemporary art gallery. These mysterious lights have been confounding locals since the 19th century. Presidio County Courthouse. Copyright 2017-2020 Sol Salute. Book in advance on their website. You’re definitely *one* with the elements (rain, shine, heat, bugs), but the photo ops are fabulous. First Look in Marfa. Marfa is a quirky artist’s oasis in the West Texas desert. We wanted to love you, we really did. The only way to explore West Texas is by car. Staying at the teepees and retro trailers at El Cosmico are one of the most iconic things to do in Marfa. Where To Shop. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if I missed your favorite thing to do in Marfa! This courthouse was built in 1886, take a minute to look around inside before you go. Three women, a man and a bloodhound walk into a bar. A recent family trip led us to the stark beauty of West Texas and the trendy town of Marfa. Ballroom Marfa is one of the iconic … Cibolo Creek Ranch is a luxury resort located inside the crater of an extinct volcano in the Chinati mountains on 30,000 acres 30 miles south of Marfa. Drive 20 minutes down Highway 90 to tiny Valentine to find this road side art installation. (Flickr) The hermetic sensibility is buoyed by Marfa’s changing demographics. Afternoons can be scorching with temperatures dropping after sundown. It has been impeccably restored and maintained and is a beautiful stop for architecture lovers. We visited his home and work spaces. Design your own custom silver jewelry at Moonlight Gemstones by silversmith Paul Graybeal. The award-winning chef, ever changing menu and modern design would easily fit in in New York City rather than small town Marfa. There are restrooms here for your convenience. It houses the fall 2005 Prada collection but really serves as a piece of art itself. But even to the first-time uninformed visitor, a brief drive… Spend a few hours there, then head to Big Bend via hwy 67 to Presidio then 170 to the Park. 300 Highland St. Visit the courthouse downtown and climb to the top … Here are all of my West Texas resources to get the most of your time in Marfa. Food Shark is right next door to Moonlight Gemstones, next up on the list, so make sure to save time post-lunch treasure hunting! These are some of the hotels added in the past by our travelers to their Marfa itinerary 3 days. The most iconic Marfa accommodation is without a doubt El Cosmico. This tiny desert town is unlike anything you’ve seen before. A traveler checks into El Cosmico, a modern-day kibbutz in Marfa that epitomizes the city's desert-chic brand, complete with $200 moccasins in the gift store. They barely had time off. Visit Big Bend National Park: This is Texas’ most stunning national park and a must visit if you’re in the area. Cell service is unreliable. Dine at the property’s restaurant Jett’s Grill or simply stop by for one of Marfa’s best margaritas at their happy hour. From Marfa Public Radio:. Inside Presidio’s emergency services building, a high-ceilinged warehouse that usually stores fire trucks and ambulances, hundreds of residents wait hours to get tested for the coronavirus one afternoon in late November. Book in advance. The art scene that dominates Marfa today is all thanks to Donald Judd. The Basics: Marfa has an estimated population of 1,714. By far, Prada Marfa is one of the most popular things to do in Marfa and it isn’t even in Marfa. The items for sale are off the wall, ranging from oddly tempting carvings (think ice cream cones and guns) and embroidered vintage shirts to beautiful jewelry. Shop small and support local business at The Get Go. Experience Hollywood history at this Spanish colonial style hotel downtown. The original stained-glass windows were removed and moved with the church but the rest remains. We visited Marfa, an acclaimed artsy town 20 minute drive from Ft Davis and 25 minutes from Alpine, on a Wednesday midday and a Thursday late afternoon. Situated 200 miles from El Paso, Marfa is a little burg in west Texas with a population of 2,200 and a thriving community culture steeped in modern art and architecture. Just a thirty minute drive from Marfa, the building sits on the side of highway 90 as an art exhibit. While there are enough boutiques, art galleries, and bars to fill your weekend with non-stop things to do in Marfa, if I’m being completely honest, my favorite activity was doing nothing at all. It was amazing and complete unexpected in the middle of nowhere Texas. Take advantage by planning a full on West Texas road trip. Oh Marfa. On our tight schedule we only had one night and it was nowhere near enough time to do Marfa and its surroundings justice. They rent out funky renovated trailers, teepees and perfectly decorated yurts in the middle of the desert. I found the guide books that Visit Marfa put in our rental car to be excellent! 1 of 28 The Prada Marfa art installation has become an iconic tourist stop. It was built in 2005 with the intention of naturally decaying into the natural landscape. Hotel Saint George 16 Reviews. The Wrong Store is a quirky art gallery and boutique owned and operated by local artists. Their big vacation was a three-day break for Christmas. Spend the night camping or the day hiking and taking in the breathtaking views. Preferring adventure and outdoor activities, we opted to stay at the Cibolo Creek Ranch. Ok before we even get into this post, it's just gotta be said you're going to probably want to schedule more than a single day in Marfa. During the week, El Cosmico is pretty chill. This is the desert. A day in Marfa? These are the most preferred hotels by fellow travelers to stay on 1 day trip to Marfa. Skip it and go to The Chinati Foundation instead (where I actually thought I was buying tickets for when I bought the block tour. If you travel to Marfa, one of the best reasons to go is so that you can be immersed in a place where you have time: time to take in the landscape, time to waste, time to spend with old friends and new. They are open 7 days a week from 9 am to 8 pm. The interior of The Wrong Store, a contemporary art gallery/boutique located in Marfa’s first church. We fell in love with this entire region, from Big Bend to Marfa, and can’t wait until we can return! Hotel Saint George is the #1 rated hotel in Marfa on TripAdvisor. You’ll be surprised at just how small Marfa is. Check out their site for current exhibits ranging from film, photography to live music and educational programs. If you plan on cooking or preparing your own meals in Marfa or simply want a quick snack, get to The Get Go. From Marfa, you take highway 17 and then 118 to get there. We stayed in Marfa, TX the entire time and drove the 2.5 hours to Big Bend and 2.5 hours back in one day, but if you plan to do two days in Big Bend like this guide suggests, we recommend staying even closer to Big Bend for part of the trip. One-Day Itinerary: Big Bend is too big to see in a single day, but a great one-day trip to the park might include a trip down the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and a visit to the Chisos Basin.. The building originally served as Marfa’s first church. The best place we could find to stay is in Marfa - kind far, I know, but it's what we could afford and still have a kitchen to cook in (we're vegan and I know how limiting food options are in these parts). I hope this city guide to small town Marfa helps you plan your time out west! It’s teeny tiny, with a population of about 1,900, so a day or two is all you need. I picked out a guitar pick-shaped agate and flipped through his photo albums of past work to choose a design, then I chose a band and he made my custom ring that very day! This West Texas town is a unique blossom of art and creativity in the desert and makes for one day trip unlike any other. Pick up the ones that best suit you. During the week, El Cosmico is pretty chill. Have a look at this collection of popular day trips to Marfa created by fellow travelers. It’s based on the Donald Judd’s ideas that art is fragile and should be permanently installed and never moved again to preserve its integrity. But, we're historically bad at planning things (literally don't know what's for dinner and it's 6 p.m.) so we only had a day. Get your customized free Marfa itinerary ready quickly. Enjoy all that Marfa has to offer but don’t forget to slow down while you’re there. Big Bend National Park—an hour and a half outside of Marfa, but it is a MUST for nature lovers. New Turquoise, rhodochrosite and Marfa agate pendants available on our website. It is located approximately 195 miles South-East from El Paso, approximately 430 miles West … Best Hotels in Marfa for 3 Day Trip. It’s truly a gem! Boquillas del Carmen: How to spend a day in Mexico while in Big Bend. Hike the Window trail on a nice day … Santa Elena Canyon, one of the highlights of the park, awaits visitors at the end of the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Santa Elena Canyon vs. … Our one day in Marfa sadly came to an end. Because of Marfa’s location in the high altitude of the Chihuahuan desert, the city sees temperature ranges of 30 degrees in a day, dry air and hot sun. Make your accommodations in advance during busy seasons like summer and school holidays. Which you will probably be seeing several posts about in the next few weeks. It is free to the public (donations optional) with no reservations required. Check the special events for special sunset or sunrise viewings. By Anne Marie Taylor / November 07, 2018. Explore, plan and enjoy a day trip to Marfa like a local with these free 1 day Marfa itineraries created by fellow travelers. Today it still operates with 41 historic rooms and a welcome pool for hot summer days. Enjoy this piece of West Texas paradise and disconnect. Get lunch at the Food Shark food truck, serving up in Mediterranean cuisine with a West Texas flair. Do you have any particular questions about your upcoming trip or move to Argentina? What could be a joke was our reality; we’d been driving in a tiny Audi from New York City to Los Angeles on an epic road trip with our sights set on our next stop in Marfa, Texas. They have a memorabilia room where you can learn all about Elizabeth Taylor’s stay here as well as art exhibits. My personal experience with The Judd Foundation: I honestly didn’t enjoy it. Airbnb in Marfa has beautiful properties available for all budgets and needs, check the link for this beautiful trailer above! Photos Anne Marie Taylor & Stephane Timonier. He rushed to make it for me in time, since we were leaving for Argentina the next morning, But I recommend allowing him more time or having him ship the finished product to you back home. More Accommodations in Marfa, Texas. The lights sometimes dance and sometimes zoom at unexplainable speed before disolving into the night sky. A few things to note about Marfa… Visit on a weekend. I had a falafel wrap with bacon, jalapenos, and pickles, my husband ordered lamb and a couple melon agua frescas. West Texas is a popular destination among Texans, especially Marfa. In this post, we share information about our trip to Marfa and some tips to help you plan one too. - Amanda Dameron's Two Days in Marfa, Texas design collection on Dwell. Check out the hotels that suit you and add them to your trip plan. Be sure to bring chapstick and lotion to keep your skin and lips from dehydrating in the desert air. Most of all, relax and enjoy the disconnect. The first few days in Marfa were spent making day trips to some small towns nearby: Alpine, Marathon and Fort Davis.